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Monday, January 14, 2013

We're Back!

We just put these three goobers on two different planes.
B and Ans headed back to college and Carys and a friend of hers flew to another state to stay with her friends aunt and spend a week at the beach. If you know Carys would you expect anything different from her than a shirt that says "Good Witch?" Probably not.

The big girls had a great helper with their bags.
Who then cried and cried when it was time to say goodbye. Which made the girls cry.

Next time we see the big goobers will be at B's wedding and that thought seemed to help Anderson with the tears.........
..........but it was still tough for him. I love his sensitive heart when it's time to say goodbye to his brothers and sisters.

Garrett left Saturday morning for a soccer tournament in another part of our state and, hopefully, will be gone until Friday. The more they win the longer they will stay and keep playing.

That leaves just us with the two little squirts and Lillie Grace. Here is a picture of her that Gi took.
If you live with the Blumes for very long we tend to have this effect on you.

She's the daughter of one of Benay's best buds from college. She came here to help us out and work with our ministry for 3 weeks. She rolls with the flow of our family and fits right in. The boys are glad to have another big sister here with them while the rest are gone.

We would appreciate prayers for safe travels for all the traveling Blumes over the next week.


stcase10 said...

Gig 'Em Bronnie! WHOOP

Garrett said...

Holy moly! Bronwyn's getting married. Congratulations. Nice shirt, by the way.