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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Benay and I went to the store yesterday to buy paint to repaint our den. While we were at the store Garrett called and asked if he could paint Anderson green like the Hulk. As with most 3 year old boys Anderson really believes he is a super hero. Normally he is Spider-Man and sometimes he is the Flash. He recently started wearing a Hulk t-shirt and so this week he has been the big green guy.

Anyway, back to the phone call. Garrett asked if he could paint his little brother green. I asked him with what paint and he said Mom's paint. Benay said no, because this paint will not come off of clothing etc. She said he could do it using Carys' (his sister) face paint. After all, face paint is made to come off of skin, right? Garrett quickly hung up and got to work.

When Benay and I got home a few minutes later we were met by this:

This would be Garrett's version of the Incredible Hulk, just like the T.V. series as well as the movie, complete with the authentic "I love mom and dad" message on the face.

This is the "Colorful Spiderman" pose.

Funny thing about this face paint......it didn't come off with soap and water. That did not make Garrett happy as we informed him that he would be responsible for cleaning his little brother.

Although it didn't seem to bother Anderson too much. Notice the ring around the tub, the paint hand prints, the black leg, etc. The clean up job took about an hour and Benay and I had to tag team the job to be able to finish what Garrett started as it proved to be just too much for him.

This was the damage: one ruined bath towel, 20 used baby wipes, a half roll of toilet paper and a lot less of rubbing alcohol, cleansing cream and eye make up remover than we had before this adventure started. Just for the record, pouring alcohol on the baby wipes had the best results.

Not to mention two ruined bath body scrubbies and 2 ruined rinse off bottles and an awful looking tub that needed lots of scrubbing to come clean.

Why would we allow our kids to do something as crazy as paint each other? Why the trouble? Why the clean up hassle? Let me give you two great reasons why:
Reason #1:

Reason #2:

After all, what are brothers for?


Sascha said...

I LOVE IT!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

The Five Luna's said...

I'm just wondering, what took longer, the clean-up time or the fun involved in the painting? I guess Garrett had to give it a try at least once!

Shanzi44 said...

This is what makes being a parent amazing. Awesome!