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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Night at the Opera

One of the neat things about living in Porto Alegre is getting to do things that you normally wouldn't do. Last night was a first for Kevin and me. We went to the opera. It was a "pocket opera", which means it was a smaller version of opera. We were invited to this performance by our dentist, Eliane, who sang in the chorus. She is the fifth from the left in the picture above.

Here are Eliane and I after the show. She is a great dentist who has seen us through braces, underbites, broken teeth, fillings, etc. Eliane worked in the US for a long time and has saved us so much money (compared to what we would have to pay living there.) Little did we know she was a singer as well!

The opera was called "The Elixir of Love". It was a romantic comedy about a guy, Nemorino, who tries to win a girl, Adina's, heart by drinking a love potion. The lyrics of all of the songs were in Italian, but they had a man who kind of narrated the story for us in Portuguese. The singing was excellent and the story was really cute and had some funny parts. At first I thought that Kevin was taking me there to do something nice for me and that he would just suffer through it for me. But he laughed and enjoyed it. We were both very impressed with the performance and hopefully this won't be our last time to go to the opera.

This is the traveling salesman who sold the love elixir to Nemorino.
This is Nemorino and Adina who finally got together in the end. They both had beautiful voices.
Here are some video clips from the opera:
The first one is the group of women clamoring for Nemorino's attention as he gets drunk on the "potion".
This clip is a very small portion of the finale. We didn't get to record much of it because we were running out of memory on the camera. I wish we had more because the singing was so good.

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