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Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Update with Giovanni

This past weekend, my dad traveled to another state here in Brazil for a workshop. I'm sure he'll tell you more about that later. That left my mom here at home with us kids. Here are some highlights of our weekend, interspersed with some cute pictures of me.

My mom spent a lot of time in the car taking my brother to soccer tournaments and my sisters to parties. She did OK driving our "mini bus" but got really tired of it and developed a new appreciation for my dad, who is our normal "chauffeur". On one of my mom's trips taking my sisters to a party at night, the back door of our van popped open. Mom didn't notice it until we got home. She thought how stupid she must have looked driving around with a big van door open. Only later she remembered that our stroller had been in the back of the van. Sadness. Now we are missing a stroller for me and one of my special blankets was inside it. Thankfully, everything is replaceable and no one got hurt. My mom is sure ready to sell our car! Mom was really discouraged about losing the stroller, and also because of some problems that some of our church members have been having. Sunday brought lots of encouragement from a brother and sister in our house church. It was good to be the "encouragee", instead of the "encourager" this time. Sunday night was fun. The teenagers from church came over for a fellowship time. They watched soccer, ate, and played with me and my brother. Afterwards they had a great devotional with lots of participation from the normally quiet teen boys. It was a good way to end the weekend. Our family has been really busy lately. My two biggest sisters will be reporting soon on their trip to Uruguay. My other sister, Carys, spent the weekend at her friend's farm and has lots to tell also. As for me, I continue to spend my time eating, sleeping, and chilling out watching all the activity. Until next time, this is Giovanni....signing off.

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