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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We made our move on Saturday. We are officially apartment renters again. God has blessed us in every way and, after we get rid of all the boxes, we will enjoy our new apartment. I'm sure we'll share more about the experience later.

For now we wanted to introduce you to these guys:
There is actually one more in the group, Kyle, who they picked up in Peru before coming here. They sent us this picture a few months ago.

These guys are from Texas A&M University. They are the Aggies for Christ and this is the third group that has come to Porto Alegre.

Traci is actually the only one who has been here all three times. She's kind of the coordinator of the Aggies groups and so she has some ties to our family and what God is doing in Porto Alegre.

Everybody else is new as they are current college students who sign up to go to on short term mission trips during their summer breaks.

These guys got here about 10 on Saturday night.

They are staying with different people in our house church family. We split them up and had them be a part of the various house church worships groups on Sunday.

We took them to see a soccer game on Sunday and yesterday they spent the day at our old house helping us get the rest of the junk cleaned out and get it cleaned up before the next missionary family moves in it in about 10 days.  We'll be, hopefully, finishing up that job today and then the next couple of days they will be working out at the ch├ícara (the drug/alcohol rehab center that our church family works with).

That's one of the things that I love about the Aggies. Every time a group is here they do whatever is asked of them. They never complain and they work hard.

Another plus is that our kids get to be around Christian young people who speak English. Our kids still talk about the guys that were here in 2009. In fact, a few months ago when we told them the Aggies were coming back and the little guys flipped out because they thought the same group from 2009 was coming back. These groups are always a great influence on our kids and our kids love spending time with them.

I'm sure we will share more about the Aggies visit later. For now, we ask that you pray for them, for their travels and that they can make a kingdom impact while they are here. They are learning (as some stay in homes where no one speaks English) that the language barrier is nothing for God to overcome.

Go visit their blog if you get the chance and see what God has done in Peru through them and what He is doing while they are in Brazil.

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Asia Joy said...

I know some of those Aggies! Did Tracy come to Thailand once upon a time? Send my love to the giant forehead in your house :)