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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gettin Payed!!!

Bronwyn graduated high school in December of 2008. She took a year off to get to know her new little brother, work to earn money for college and take a mission trip to Rwanda.

Ansley graduated high school last December. She is also taking a year off. She is spending this year working and next year she will go to Ecuador to work at an orphanage/school.

This year she is working as an English teacher. She wasn't real excited to be an English teacher when she started but it's one of the best ways for an 18 year old American living in Brasil to make money for college.

She wasn't excited at the beginning but she is beginning to tap into the gifts that God has given her. She is a great teacher of young children. Kids love her. Her teaching skills even apply to her younger brothers.

She has a puppet called "Teacher Mary" that she was given, at one of the English schools she teaches at, to use with small kids as she teaches English. And Giovanni LOVES it. If he is ever having a 2 year old moment we call for Teacher Mary. Ansley gets her and Giovanni immediately sits down and listens as she teaches about the weather, etc. It's really funny and Giovanni is learning new words at the same time.

The owners of the English schools have been heaping praises on her. Telling her that even though she is their youngest teacher she is one of the best teachers that they have. God has obviously given her a gift and she is really using it to the fullest.

We couldn't be more proud of her. Here is a picture of her with Grace (a young Brasilian woman who is part of our house church as well as a fellow English speaker and teacher) before one of their classes that they teach together.

After working for a couple of weeks it was time for Ansley's first pay day. She was very excited. She's doing all she can to earn money for college and she was excited to see how much she would get with her first check.

Later I got a text on my phone from our English teacher daughter. Here's what it said:


After cracking up at the note we called her and asked about her "English" text. She told us she was so excited about getting her first check that she didn't really pay attention to the spelling.

So if you hire a Brasilian for a job one day and they tell you, after they get their first paycheck from you, that "They Got Payed!!" it's a good bet that our daughter was their English teacher.

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