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Friday, July 20, 2012

More music......for Pops

We love living in Brasil. We love it for many reasons. One reason is the grocery stores.

What? I know. Let me explain.

As you know we have a big family. Grocery store food portions here are small. We buy our milk and juice by the liter. Our family burns through milk and juice. Pretty much everything we buy comes in a smaller portion than what Americans are used to.

So my girlfriend and I visit the grocery store.........a lot. Like almost every day. Literally. Usually quick trips but almost daily.

Why do I like going so much? The music. The grocery stores play the best music. And it goes through all decades and countries.

We've heard French music, Brasilian music, Spanish music, Italian music and American music from the 1930's through today. Cover bands, original bands, everything. Every visit is a different style of music. It makes it fun. I've been next to people singing along, smiling, to Italian songs as we picked out our fruit together.  I think that's so cool!

Living in Brasil has gotten us accustomed to being ready for all kinds of stuff that might come on the radio.

Like last night.

Garrett and I were coming home from his soccer practice. We were flipping through the stations looking for something good to listen to. He stopped us when he heard a song. We both loved it and I told him that my dad (Pops to our kids) would LOVE it.

You see my dad was/is a big Doobie Brothers fan. When I was growing up I can remember us taking trips and listening to them and the Eagles. My dad popping the steering wheel and waggling his finger to the beat.

I can even remember being a senior in high school and my dad coming to talk to my class. I can't remember what the talk was about but he used one of my Foreigner albums in his talk. My friends thought he was super cool because he knew of a rock band that they liked.

So Pops, the song we heard last night is an Italian group called Neri Per Caso with guest Mario Biondi singing one of your favorites. This may be your new favorite version. It's pretty cool.

You'll be happy to know that as we listened Garrett and I (he started it) were doing our best Pops impression. As we sat locked up in rush hour traffic I think we gave people some good going home conversation material. We had a great time and were wishing we could be listening to it with you in the car. Hopefully we can do that soon.

Until then, here's your new favorite song:

Short side note: I showed Anderson this video and he loved it. I explained the Doobie Brothers to him and he wanted to see them so we watched them sing this song at the 1980 Grammy Awards. Our conversation after:

Anderson: "So they actually showed stuff in color in 1980."

Me: "They actually did. Can you believe that?"

Anderson: "Not really."

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