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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Next Stop........Texas

We just put Ans on a plane headed to Memphis.


She's off to college. She's going to the same college that Bronwyn attends in Texas.

First she will spend a few days with grandparents.

This big group went to the airport to tell her bye (Apologies for the quality.....I think our camera has seen better days).

We, as is our goodbye custom, got in a circle to pray for the traveler. Giovanni said the pray this time and it was awesome. With no prompting he prayed for Ansley and the airport. I loved that.

I love that our family doesn't get all weepy when it's time to say goodbye. We don't  have anything against weepy and from time to time someone will cry but it isn't like a death cry. We are honestly happy for what's coming for the person.

Would it be cool to always have everyone live on the same street or the same apartment building? Sure.

But at the same time I would always feel like our kids would be missing out on something that God has planned for them. We don't want to hinder anything that God tells them to do or where He tells them to go.

So we release. And it's been so cool.

Bronwyn has already traveled alone to Africa. Ansley lived for 5 months by herself in Ecuador. They've had world views and traveled the world since they were pre-teens.  I never had that or even  understood that until I was almost thirty.

I like that our kids see the world as God's creation and are open to wherever He sends them. I like that they are ready for the challenges that come from stepping out of their comfort zone.

Ansley is, once again, stepping out of her comfort zone and it gets easier every time. When she left for Ecuador she freaked out. Then she gradually began to turn things over to God as she realized that me and my girlfriend would not be able to come visit her. She was alone and only had God to rely on. And she relied on Him. Leaned on Him. Learned to covet time with Him. And she grew spiritually like you can't believe.

That's why she stepped on the plane today with no freaking out, no crying and no doubts. She knows God has directed this next step and she's ready. I love that.

So we ask that you pray for her safety today, tonight, tomorrow and, as she eventually, in about 3 weeks, ends up in Texas.

The leaving home is part of life. Knowing that your kids are ready to leave and are ready for that next step and are following God is the best feeling for a parent.

We know all these things and, better yet, Ansley knows them and feels the Spirit leading her as well.

Very cool.

She'll even miss this.

Why? I don't know.

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Adwee said...

Yeah, I will miss that.... Sort of.