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Monday, September 03, 2012


Today is this little guy's birthday. 

You guys know the deal. Here we go:

Anderson: "You are AWESOME!! Dude, you love Cars 2. That's crazy. You have like all of them. Seriously. All of them from Cars 2. Not 1. Happy Birthday and I love you!!"

Carys: " You are the best Giovanni i love you so much and your so crazy and when im sad your always asking me why and trying to cheer me up i love you so much"

Garrett: "Happy bday squiggs!! I love you so much! You are so awesome!! I hope you had a great birthday and loved your presents!! I love you!

Ansley: "Vuvies, my cute sweet shmexy awesome funny silly happy great little BROTHER! I miss you so much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are 4 now! What are you going to do today? Did you get any presents? I have a video for you but it isn't ready yet. I MISS YOU SO MUCH!! I will call you later! lOVE YOU!!! Love, ADWEE."

Bronwyn: "Vuvis!!! I can't believe that you're four... That makes me feel so old! Happy Birthday!! I know that you're going to have a really fun day today and have locha cool presents :) I can't wait to be home for Christmas and play Cars 2 with you! I love you!!!

Girlfriend: "Giovanni!  I love you so much.  Thank you for snuggling with me and letting me read you books and play with you.  Thank you for the hugs and kisses.  You are good and sweet and awesome!"

Me: "Quigs, you are a real blessing to us in ways that you don't even understand yet.  I love your personality. You are fun and funny and I love watching how you live day to day. Everyone loves you! I am very thankful that God blessed us with you! He was very gracious to our family!" 

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