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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Sixty More Four


For the last two weeks Gi, as we walk to school together, asks me how many more days until you get home. Every day as we walk he asks about you.

This morning was no different.

He said, "Hey dad, two more days and Ansley gets home right?"

I told him that he was right and then tried to explain to him that he wouldn't see you until three days because you get home so late and he would already be in bed. I had to use his language. I said, "You go to sleep (making the snoring noises that he makes when he counts the days) and then wake up. You go to sleep (more snoring) and then wake up. You go to sleep one more time (yes, more snoring), wake up and Ansley will be home!"

His response? "Yes!!! So only thirty seven more hours right?"

I told him a little more than that. He wanted to know exactly how many.

I did some quick math in my head and said, "Only sixty four more hours until she gets to Porto Alegre."


We are now counting hours and he is so excited!
We are all super excited. But you know us, we tend to show our excitement in different ways.

See you Friday. We love you!

P.S. When I picked Gi up from natação today he asked again how long until Ans gets home. Then he said, "How many hours until Bonni gets here?" Sheesh Maria. B, I'll let you do that math.

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Ansley Blume said...

I CANT WAIT TO SEE THAT LITTLE GUY!! And all you other goobs too, i guess....

KEEP UPDATING THE BLOG! It makes me so happy amidst my sorrowful sickness.