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Saturday, September 21, 2013

We're Back!

Yes we are alive and well in Porto Alegre.

It's been a couple months since we posted anything here.

We've had some computer problems that prevented us from updating like we wanted but honestly, and thankfully, what has really kept us from blogging is all the things God is doing in our city right now.

We can honestly say that we are busier than we've ever been in our eleven years here. And it's not just "busy" work. Things to occupy time but that aren't the most important kingdom things. We are busy with mostly "the best" stuff God has planned for us and not just the good.

We feel more in line with His will than we ever have before in our ministry to our Brasilian family.

We write today to thank you for your prayers and to let you know that we are going to try to be more regular in our posting here. Some days it might just be a picture with no written words. Some days it might be something that only our daughters will understand and think is funny. Some days we will share about the amazing things God is doing in our city. Honestly, we aren't expecting a huge change in what our blog will look like. We just wanted to let you know that we are still here and doing great.

We will also continue to share more specific prayer requests through email with our prayer/financial partners. If you aren't on our list but would like to be please get in touch with us and send us your email and we'll be happy to include you. The more people joining us in this ministry the more power we believe God will release on us as we do what He has asked us to do here.

God is working in this city in ways we have never seen. We have never been more excited and energized to be in Porto Alegre.

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Sascha Terry said...

Love it! You guys are in our constant prayers. May the Lord keep your energy and enthusiasm levels up. Peace and grace to you.