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Monday, September 30, 2013

The Simple Things

Brasil might just be the coffee capital of the world. Everyone drinks coffee here. Old people, middle age people, young people and even kids.  Everyone that is but me. I still hate it.

My girlfriend wasn't a coffee drinker when we moved here eleven years ago. Now she LOVES coffee.

This morning we went to the grocery store. She put something in the basket and was smiling while she did it. I knew she found something she really liked. A little prize.

What was it? This:
A little coffee filter for one cup of coffee.

When she makes coffee she's usually the only one who drinks it. So being able to make one cup instead of a bunch was great for her.

I could tell after lunch she couldn't wait to try out her new gift. I walked into the kitchen while she was making it and she had this awesome, happy smile on her face. All because of her little coffee filter. She made me laugh. I had to take a picture of her happiness.
Sometimes it's the simplest things that bring great joy into our lives.


Jennifer said...

Cute! I'd smile, too.

Ansley Blume said...

I miss that weirdo!

stcase10 said...

Cute!!! You'll have to make it for me too when I'm there!

stcase10 said...

That was Bronwyn, not Stephen. Awkward.