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Monday, December 16, 2013

Next Stop.......High School

Last night we went to Carys' 8th grade graduation (formatura in Portuguese).

There were three different classes. Each class walks in holding hands with each other and their teacher as she leads the way.
The graduation started with some opening comments and then a pastor spoke for a few minutes. This was followed by the representatives from each class sharing about their year. Then each student was called up and given their graduation diplomas along with a big hug from their teacher.
It ended with the school director speaking. Garrett bet me he would go longer than 10 minutes. He said he was long winded. I noticed the directors shirt when he got up to speak. It was soaking wet with sweat. Did I mention it was 90 degrees? I figured he would do his best to shorten it so he could go home and get out of the heat so I took the bet. I won. The director went under 5 minutes.

Carys was happy and excited on her special day.

So were some of her biggest fans.
I'm glad we got to share the day with her.

Here she is with some of her buds. God has blessed her with lots of good friends.
Now bring on high school!

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