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Monday, December 02, 2013


This year we added to our family. Stephen and Bronwyn got married in May. 
Aren't they cute?

Much better.....

So, now Stephen gets the Blume family birthday treatment. (His birthday was actually yesterday.  It's kind of hard to round up birthday messages from around the globe, so we are a little late!  Sorry!) 

Here we go.....

Gi: "He's a weirdo and he's awesomely cool and I love his beard. Happy Birthday. I'm going to give you poop for your birthday. Happy Birthday."

Anderson: "Happy Birthday Chump! Happy Birthday. From your birthday list I was kind of thinking of giving you some pink panties. I don't know what you think but i will probably just get you that. Stephen, I love you, I miss you and I can't wait to see you. Anderson."

Carys: STEPHEN HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU DORK!!! i hope you have a great birthday! Thank you for being weird, awesome and for doing awkward stuff with me when i get to visit you because i have been waiting for someone like you.... #justkidding #gross #never #awkward. Thank you so much for loving Bronwyn like i know no one else can. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Thank you for loving parmisan and cheese in general!

Garrett: Happy birthday girly man! Cant wait to see you in a couple of weeks to beat you up! Hope you had a good day! Love you bro!

Ans: Happy birthday Stephen!! I am so so happy that you are my new brother. Remember when you said that I used to think you were cool but I don't anymore? Well guess what: i do still think you are super cool. I love watching the way you treat bronwyn and I love that you live so close to me!!! But most of all, I love YOU!!

Bronwyn: Stephen! Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day! I am so glad that I met you and that I get to be married to you. I love how much you laugh and how you love to make everyone around you laugh. I love how much you love to be around your family and mine. You're pretty great I guess. I hope you have a great birthday week, and I love you!

Mom: Happy Birthday, Stephen! I am so very happy and thankful that you are part of our family. You are genuine, honest, and very concerned about other people and their feelings. You have your own faith and you are spiritually deep, but you still know how to have fun. I love the way you love our daughter and the rest of our family. You are a blessing to us. I wish we could be there to celebrate your birthday with you, but I know that Bronwyn will make sure that your day is really special and fun. I LOVE YOU!

Dad: "Happy Birthday Goober! I'm very thankful that God put you in B's life. I appreciate your honesty. I love the way you have just jumped right in with our big family. I love how you play with all our little punks. I appreciate the way you treat B. You treat her like a queen. I thank God for your relationship with Him. You put Him first and B second and that's all we've ever wanted for her husband. Thanks for being a good example to our family. Our kids see who you are and it's impacting their lives. I love you dork! P.S. I absolutely can't wait to see you lose your bet with Garrett. It's going to be so awesome! :)

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