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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Bronwyn's Birthday

We celebrated Bronwyn's birthday last Tuesday. It had to be at night because school, 2 soccer practices and 2 dentist appointments took up most of the day. We're not exactly a go out at night kind of family. We go to bed early and wake up early but we made it work for Bronwyn's birthday.

We first gave her presents:

Anderson really enjoys present time. Even when it's for someone else. We have a family tradition of allowing the birthday person to choose his/her meal. Bronwyn wanted to go to a new Uruguayan pizza place. When we got there it was pitch black darkness. We asked if they were open and they said yes but that a tree had fallen nearby and knocked out the electricity. This place, like many pizza places here in Porto Alegre, cook the pizzas over an open flame so we really didn't need electricity. We ate outside and the workers brought us a fluorescent light to help us see our food.

Everyone enjoyed our time together and the pizza was great.

We were even able to sing happy birthday and give Bronwyn a piece of birthday cake of "Torta de Alfajour" (an incredibly good dessert).

Anderson was fighting the desire to go to bed pretty much from the time the pizza came out. He woke up a little bit to enjoy his dessert, as shown here with a spoonful of half of his ice cream going into his mouth. But, it didn't last too long.

Like I said....we aren't exactly a go out at night family.

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