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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Easter Retreat Singing

This is a video of the song, "Love One Another (The Greatest Commands)." I tried to find one that was more than just watching a chorus for 2-3 minutes. Watch this one first so you can listen to the words and get a feel for the sound.

Now here is our house church family singing the same song (just the last part with all the parts together)at our recent easter retreat. This is a fairly new song for us and our Brasilian family is still learning each part but they are enjoying the challenge of it. You need to know that Brasilians, in general, don't know anything about singing harmony. In our church family, we have 2 of about 80 people who know how to harmonize. I love this video because it shows Benay's love for singing as well as her joy of helping the family get it. It's also fun to watch the Brasilians and their excitement of "getting it" at the end of the song. At the end when Benay raises her hands she says, "Perfect!" The Brasilians whistle and begin to chant, "Again!......Again!"

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Mark&Ali said...

love it!