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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ansley's Trip

We just took Ansley to the airport. She'll be spending the next 6 weeks in the United States (or the Hoo-nited States as Anderson calls it) with both sets of grandparents and spending time with lots of her friends.

While on our furlough to the states last year she and Bronwyn went to a church camp. Ansley LOVED the week there and made some friends that she stayed in touch with over the past year. A few months ago she decided to not have a 15th birthday party and chose instead to use the money, that would have been used for her party, to help buy a round trip ticket to the United States.

You need to understand that a 15th birthday party for a girl in South America is a HUGE deal. We've been to some that have been fancier than most weddings we have been to here. So for Ansley to decide not to have a party and go to the states you know it had to be a big deal.

We picked up the kids early from school this morning. Ansley's friends walked out with her to tell her bye. Ansley told us the school newspaper took pictures of her and interviewed her before she left today because of her trip. Benay had talked to the director of the school the other day to tell her of Ansley's trip and find out about homework, etc. The director, Angela, asked about the trip and Benay told her of Ansley's decision to forgo her party here in favor of going to the states to go to the camp as well as possibly spending a week on a mini missionary trip that youth group is planning on taking. Benay summed up these activities as "volunteer projects with a group of American students". Angela thought that was just incredible and told the school newspaper to find Ansley today and interview her. We had a good chuckle on the way to the airport.

We got to the airport and got Ansley checked in. She had lots of good helpers.
We are thankful that our kids are givers. Carys wanted to give Ansley something before she got on the plane. She used her own money to buy Ansley some flip flops and also made her a card.
Ansley loved it.
Here is the card.She even had some visitors come to the airport to tell her bye. The boy is from school. I think he might be a little sweet on Ansley since he ditched school to hang out with "us" for a couple of hours. Or maybe he just likes to ditch school.
After some last minute instructions from a fellow solo international traveler.......... .....as well as a group prayer, she said her goodbyes and was ready to get on the plane............but not before Garrett and Carys gave her two more presents.
Carys gave her happy meal toy to Ansley to put in her backpack. And Garrett............he gave the McDonald's receipt. Like I said, our kids are givers.

Ansley has been covered in prayer this week from our Brasilian family. On Sunday's celebration the entire church family surrounded her and laid hands on her while she was prayed over. Sunday morning another brother prayed specifically for God's angels of protection to protect every flight she has and that they would take care of our daughter every day while she is away. Today I awoke to an email from my dad letting us know that his Tuesday morning prayer group had prayed the exact same thing. This morning another brother came to our house to pray for this trip as well, and then we had the blessing of praying with our teammates, Sascha and Jennifer, at the airport five minutes before she went to her plane.

We believe in prayer.
We ask that you pray for Ansley's protection every step of the way. That she will not be anxious about anything but will feel the Spirit's presence every second. Also that she will be a light to those she comes in contact with during this trip.

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Kim said...

May God be with her while she is away from home.