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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Follow Up

We did a blog about spiritual warfare last week linking you up to our teammate's, Matt, blog. As I started typing this I decided to re-link you to that old post. I went to read it again and it didn't exist. I called Matt and he told me he decided to take it off his blog and update it with a new post.

This past Sunday we had our celebration (the end of the month worship time when all of the house churches come together for one praise time) and we were having our time of testimonies.

Waleska (Matt's wife) got up and shared about her sister, Patricia, and her friends (Raquel and Sabrina) and the miracle that God did in their lives over the last week. Raquel then got up and shared, while crying, what God did and how she was rededicating her life to Christ. All three of these women and their kids were at their first celebration with us on Sunday. Long story short....we now have a new sister in Christ, a rededicated sister and another who is studying and we believe God truly did a miracle.

For Matt's new blog post go here.

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