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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Football Weekend

We just finished a great futebol (soccer) weekend.

We've shared a couple of times before about the seleção. On Saturday the seleção (Brasilian national team) beat our biggest rival Argentina in Argentina. Great victory. When I say rivalry you need to think Yankees-Red Sox times 50. It's a rivalry on massive steroids. We had cars honking and fireworks going off throughout the city after the game. With the victory we are assured a place in next year's World Cup.

For those that don't know the World Cup is the biggest event in soccer. It happens every four years in a different country. Next year it's in South Africa. In 2014 Brasil will host the World Cup and there will be games in Inter's stadium. We plan on being there.

Speaking of Internacional, on Sunday our favorite team won again. We went one state up from ours and beat the 5th place team in their house. We continue to be in 2nd place just one point behind the leader.

Garrett I were talking yesterday about how we could not have had a better sports weekend.

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