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Monday, January 25, 2010

Summer Boredom-Part 2

We've shared before how our city becomes somewhat of a ghost town during our summer.  A lot of people go to the beach and stay for a few days or weeks. 
Things are a lot less crowded in the city in January and February.  

Those months are also high season months for hotels and apartments at the beach.  Having a family of 8 has always meant that if we go to the beach we have to find a few days to go before or after the high seasons.  It's too expensive for a family our size to go when everyone else goes.  

So, that means we are here in the city during those months.  We try to take the kids to the pool as often as possible.  We also try to take some day trips out of the city.  

Sometimes those things just aren't possible and we have to make up our own ways to combat summer boredom.  

You may or may not remember one of those days last summer where we dealt with the boredom.  If you don't remember or haven't seen our adventure from last year then you can go here.

Yesterday was another summer boredom day.  

A couple of our kids got creative in dealing with the boredom.

It was a little game called  "How many clothespins can I put on my face".  

The most wins.  Garrett started it and Carys joined in.  

What started at 16........
.......kept growing......
......until it eventually reached 34.  
Carys won.  If you really know her then you are so NOT surprised right now. 

Don't know why but Bronwyn, Ansley and Anderson didn't want to get involved.  

The after effect could of had something to do with it.
While they played that game, Giovanni enjoyed the game of grabbing handfuls of dirt and throwing them in the air, in his hair, in his mouth or rubbing them on his body.
We do what we can to fight boredom.  

All in all, everyone had a good time.  

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Sascha said...

Garrett and Carys need those pictures to be in the slide shows at each of their weddings later on in life! That is hilarious!

We should be a family of 4 in the next 24 hours or so!