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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Benay's Birthday

Today is my girlfriend's birthday. As is our family tradition on this blog we always allow the rest of the family to share how we feel about the birthday boy or girl. Here's what we think about my girlfriend:

Bronwyn: "She's so sweet to everyone! She loves people. All of us are so lucky that we get to call her our mom. Love you Mama!"

Ansley: "She is pretty, sweet and always ready to help. She has been especially loving and helpful with me this past month and I want to thank her for that! Love you mom, happy birthday! "

Garrett: "She's the best mom in the world. I love her!"

Carys: "I wouldn't trade her for anything. She's the best mom ever and I love her!"

Anderson: "She's funny. She makes really good food and I love her!"

Giovanni: "Mom is silly. Mom buys me a lot of cool toys. She reads to me and makes funny faces to make me laugh and I love her." (Translation help from Anderson and Ansley)

Me: "I'm one of those blessed men who happens to be in love and married to his best friend. I'm also one of those rare blessed men whose best friend is, in my opinion, the best looking woman in the world and who happens to be even better looking on the inside than out. She loves God, loves her family and shares God's love to everyone she meets. I've said it before but she not only preaches grace, she is the best example of living and sharing God's grace of anyone I've ever met in my entire life. "

I don't know how you actually show someone's inner beauty (go ahead, try to take a picture of it) but I tried to find a picture that could show it. This is one I came up with.
Finding a picture that shows the outward beauty of my girlfriend is always easy. Here she is on Ansley's recent graduation night.

In my bible there are many verses that make me think of my wife. When I read them I literally write her name in my bible next to those verses and thank God for her. I believe Proverbs 31 was written with my wife in mind. If you've never read them then feel free to read verses 10-30 to get more of an idea of what we think of our mom/girlfriend. Not all verses will apply (she's never actually gone out and inspected a field, bought it and then planted a vineyard) but you will get the idea.

Happy Birthday mom/Benay!

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