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Friday, February 25, 2011


Dear Bronwyn (and our other Inter fans),

We played at home on Wednesday night in the second game of the Libertadores.

We were going to go but mom got sick that day so we stayed at home. Thankfully RBS showed it on regular tv. Garrett and I stayed up to watch it.

We didn't play great but we won. That sounds crazy when you find out we won 4-0 but it just wasn't one of our best games. We are playing without Bolivar, Sobis, Tinga and D'Alessandro who are all hurt.

Our new guy Bolatti scored two more, DamiĆ£o scored one and is playing awesome and Ansley's new Inter boyfriend, Oscar, scored the last one with a nice little curve ball.

Our next game is against Jorge Wilstermann from Bolivia. Their goalie is Machado's brother, Mauro. Were you here when we met him last month and Garrett actually got to practice kicking falta's against him? Very cool for Garrett to get to play against a professional goalie. Anyway, when they play here we are going to take Machado. Even though he's a gremista and even though we've been beaten the two times I've taken him to Beira-Rio, we still are going to sit together to watch his brother. I told him we might even sit in the enemy territory to support Mauro. Should be fun.

Here are your goals.

And here is the report from Bom Dia Rio Grande (so you can practice your Spanish).

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Waleska Rehbein said...

Hi, Kevin! Greetings from Nashville! I wasn't a very big fan of soccer, but after watching 4 hours of the Super Bowl, I started to like soccer. (At least I know the duration)haha! We miss you!