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Friday, February 04, 2011

New Season


I took your brothers to our first game of the year last night.

We played Juventude.

They are ripping up and redoing sections of Beiro Rio to get ready for the World Cup.

Last night was the first night our starters played this year. The B team has been playing every game in the Gauchão so the starters can get ready for the Libertadores. That changed last night.

We looked rusty but played okay.

At halftime I told the guys I wanted to take a picture of them. You already know how that went.

Anderson then asked to take some pictures during the game.....

.....and after.

He's not just a photographer, he's an artist.

By the way, we won 3-1.

Here's a homemade video of D'Alesandro's first goal.

And here are all the goals.

We had a great time.

P.S. Since you insist on rubbing it in about the snow you are playing in we decided to rub it in about going to a game.


Bronwyn said...

I'm so happy that Lauro is a titular! But who's playing instead of Alecsandro?

The Blume Family said...

Leandro Damião. He started on one side and Zé Roberto was on the other. Zé Roberto was awesome until he got hurt and had to leave the game.

Bronwyn said...

Why was Alecsandro benched?