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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Birthday Stuff

We know not many people will care about our day yesterday other than a couple of girls in Texas. The rest of you are free to check out right now if you'd like. It's okay.

Okay girls, as we always do, we made a special breakfast for mom. Carys did 95% of the work. She made blueberry muffins and eggs. They were awesome! The other 5%? I made some fresh orange/pineapple juice.
Of course mom ate on the "You are Special" plate. You've got to love Gi posing with his "Green Lantern" ring. By this time he had a little more energy. He woke up early and was catching up on his sleep on the couch while breakfast was being made. By breakfast time he was ready.
During breakfast Gi was DYING to give mom her presents. He almost couldn't make it through breakfast because he was so concerned about it. We finished eating and went straight to the presents. Gi, of course, was going to be first. I think if we made him wait any longer he might have exploded.

He picked out his presents and they were a shiny pants little boy necklace and some, what he called, "Angry Birds" ear rings.

Mom wore them all day. I loved that!
Gi then spent some time on the dance floor.
Anderson gave her a jewelry box.
Mom insisted on no new clothes. She told each of us to not get her any presents this year. She said she already had too much. What she wanted was some help in fixing up her house. That's the only thing she asked for.

We weren't about to give her nothing so we went with her house fixing theme.

Carys gave her 4 quadros that they will paint and put up in the house. She also gave her a coupon worth a house redecorating.
Garrett and I were stuck because we love to give her clothes. We weren't about to go out and try to buy something for the house without mom with us so we pooled our gift money and told her to take a shopping day to find some things to help with the fix up project.

That picture was a little harder to take. First Anderson had the camera and took a super close up of Garrett. Only Garrett.

Then Carys took the camera and goofed around and didn't take the picture until the exact time that I started giving it to her for taking too long.
Then she took one right as Garrett was getting up to get her for continuing to goof.
Take 4 finally worked.
I know you guys can picture how all that went.

Then the phone calls started coming in. First one of the day? We all know and expect it. Grandmommy and Pops singing Happy Birthday as soon as you answer the phone. It's a birthday tradition we all love.
The phone calls came the entire day. Last one was about 10:00 at night. Brasilians and Americans. Calls from North America and South America. Your mom is loved by many!

After the initial calls mom got the chance to just chill a little bit and she really enjoyed it because she, as you guys know, rarely gets to do something like that.
While she chilled some more the kids watched "Surf's Up."
After the movie mom chose lunch. She chose a place we haven't been in years. Pizza Hut lunch buffet at Praia de Belas. She was happy. You know of her love of pizza.

It was good. Gi ate a ton!

Afterwards the boys got to hang out with an old friend.
We came home and then she and I went on a date. She looked very cute so I had to take a picture.
It was really good to hang out and celebrate mom's birthday together.
Wish you guys could have been here too!

Here's some highlights just for you guys:

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