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Friday, February 15, 2013

Mazembe's Revenge......Huachipato


You, of course, remember our weak game against Mazembe in the 2010 Mundial. You also, of course, remember how gremistas love to bring that up every chance they get.

Last night was the first game for gremio in the libertadores. Their fans, as we would do the same, have been giving it to Inter fans for not being in it this year. gremio played their first game at home last night against a team called Huachipato from Chile. No one had ever heard of them. No one. I read that they were in the libertadores one other time (1975) and got put out in the first round. They were also in the sul americana one time and also were put out in the first round. You get the picture. They aren't a powerhouse and it's Chile (no offense to any Chileans reading this).

Garrett and I actually saw 5 or 6 of their players and some of their coaches on Wednesday at the mall. We were hoping they would win but didn't really believe they could do it.

I'm sure you can guess what happened by the title of this post. Garrett and I watched some of it on tv. It was awesome.

Here are your highlights. I even found them in Spanish just for you Ans. It's the announcer for Huachipato. Thought you'd like that.

Today Garrett saw another coach from Huachipato at the store as we bought school supplies.

Garrett wore his new Inter jersey and later a gremista came in the store and was complaining to Garrett about the game and how happy Garrett must be with the result. He was actually a very courteous and funny, but disappointed, fan. Garrett didn't say anything. He just smiled.

Busting on each other has a way of biting you on the bum.

We have Mazembe and gremio now has Huachipato.

Maybe both sides have learned their lessons.

Nah. You guys know it's never going to stop. It's too deep here.

Did I mention that Garrett and I have been fans of Huachipato since we were little?

Mom also likes them now because they have the almost identical symbol as the Pittsburgh Steelers? She thought it was funny.


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Garrett said...

¡Viva Huachipato!

That's "Wa-chee-PA-toe."

Both logos were inspired by the Steelmark brand of U.S. Steel. See it here.