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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day Four

Andy Pants,

This morning we woke up and I read on Zero Hora that they closed the airport because of fog. So I went to the window to take a picture and I couldn't see the airport at all. Here's what it looked like.
Carys made us white chocolate, dark chocolate and apple crepes for breakfast. They were awesome! I think Garrett had 4.

The fog went away pretty quickly and it warmed up to be a beautiful day.

It was so warm that Quigs hung out in his underwear as he watched Cars 2 and played with his cars.
We ate at Habib's today. It was good.

Tell mom that here are some pictures of the crazy looking bird that was outside our bedroom window when I was talking to her on the phone.

Here is a picture of Gi holding the phone for you to listen to Tangled while he watched it. I loved that.
We are really excited to get on the plane tomorrow. Gi has had his Thomas the Tank Engine suitcase ready to go since this morning. He's been walking around the house and rolling the suitcase behind him all day.

Glad you get to see your best American bud tomorrow. You guys have fun and we'll see you on Monday.

Love you bro.

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