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Friday, May 10, 2013

Day Three


Gi had his last day of school today. He is SO excited about getting on the plane. I mean he's crazy excited and can only ask how many days until it's time. He asks at least 20 times a day!

Cris sent us a note in Gi's agenda. I thought mom would like to see it.
She's so nice. I know you love her as much as Gi does.

Today, when it was time to take Garrett to futebol practice, I told Gi to get his flip flops on. He found three different ones and they were all for his right foot!
I have to read this book to him every day:
I think he likes it so much because he likes to hear William say, "Wooshee gaga." I have to say I like that part too because it makes him laugh so much. He laughs hard at that part every time. Every time!

Iasmin came over and ate lunch with us. She and Carys decided to decorate mom's calendar board with words they invented.
They even invented little cheers for their words. That sounds right for them doesn't it? They are crazy.

Garrett just got home from futsal practice at Dohm's and he was telling me about the two goals he scored.

Mom says you are having fun being a junior college student. Make sure the girls buy you a purple milkshake.

It's family night tonight and Carys is making tacos. Gi picked the movie and it looks like it's going to be Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Wish you were here to hang with us but we'll get to see you in 3 days.

Love you bro!

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