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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Day One for Anderson


Today is day one of blogs I promised you until we get to Dallas on Monday.

Here are the goodbye pics we took yesterday.

Your bro is really missing you. He went to sleep with a dog last night. He petted it like it was real for about 10 minutes before finally konking out.
He had swimming class today and he loved it. This picture makes me laugh every time I look at it.
He went with me to the bazar today to see if Leni needed any more cookies. Katia gave him two cups of her desserts. He sat in her lap for about 20 minutes just talking and drawing pictures with her.

I saw Lucas twice today.He shot me a "não faça meu" both times. I know he's already missing you.

Quigs asked me about 20 times today how many days until he gets on the airplane and how many days until he gets his ID card. He's excited about both.

Glad you and mom made it safe. Thanks for taking care of her for me on the trip. And thanks for rubbing it in about the Dr. Pepper and Wendys. You're gonna pay for that when I see you.

Give mom and your goober sisters a hug from us.

Love you bud.

P.S. You picked a good day to leave. The temperature was 41 when we woke up this morning (get mom to tell you how cold that is). Enjoy the warm weather!

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