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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


This post will be specifically for B and Ans. My apologies to the rest of you. 


Sunday, as you know, we went to the seleção game at the new stadium of that other team.

Thought I'd share some pics of the day.

The Hamlett's wanted to go but wanted a translator so they bought me a ticket to help them :) Told you they were awesome.
Anderson had money left over that grandparents had given him for his birthday so he bought his own ticket. He used every penny and was so happy to do so. We then were able to buy Garrett a ticket. Cool how God worked it all out for us to go.

Anderson went with Lucas and his family.

The Confederation Cup starts this weekend and Brasil plays Japan in their first game. A Japanese reporter and cameraman were at the Brasil game on Sunday and guess who they talked to? Anderson, Lucas and his family. We'd love to find that video.

Elias went with us and he and Garrett, like they always do, jawed the entire game. Seems like they will be best friends forever and always be rooting for opposite teams. Inter-gremio; Real Madrid-Barcelona, etc. They never agree on anything in soccer. I love to hear their back and forth. They crack me up.
They were both impressed with the stadium.

After the game Garrett told us that college is now back off. He wants to play in a pro stadium. I think he was impressed.

I'm going to be his personal PT after he goes pro.
I just noticed how much taller I am than him. Whatever.

Even though we were in the new chiqueiro.....
.....we had fun and saw a great game.

Wish you guys could have been with us.

Videos for Ansley of her boyfriend.

One that I took:

A more professional one:

Can you make out what he said after he scored? Take a guess.


ansley maye blume said...

1. I'm so glad you all got to go!! I'm jealous!!
2. Garrett and Elias make me smile!!
3. Lucas and Anderson make me smile!
4. The chiqueiro looks O.K.... Beira Rio will be better.
5. That camera does an AMAZING job on videos doesnt it?
9. What did he say? Something about scoring in Gremio's stadium?
10. He always does an "L" for his wife.... I'm jealous.

Garrett said...

Nice shot of the stadium from outside.

"A pena do Grêmio"

he he