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Monday, October 07, 2013


Our family started a cookie company at the end of 2010.

My girlfriend is an amazing cook. Best cook I know. As we say in our house, "Mom doesn't make any bad food."

Our Brasilian family would agree. Whenever she cooks for people they love her food. 

Over the years when we've been invited places people have asked my girlfriend to make her American sweets. They especially like her cookies. 

Bronwyn started college in 2010 and we realized it would be a good idea to have some extra money for plane tickets, college expenses, etc. 

So we started a little cookie company. It's called American Cookies and Sweets. Ansley came up with our logo. We think it looks cool. 

We started slow. We started selling at our kids school whenever the mother's club had bazars. The kids loved them. We sold a bunch. Those bazars were two to four times a year. Just the money we earned from that school helped bring our girls home from college. Pretty cool. 

We went to government offices to find out what we needed to do to become an official company. 

We bought the rights to a website. It's www.americancookies.com.br if you want to take a look. 

We started selling at other schools as well. Word of mouth began to generate some business. 

We sold so many cookies at those bazars that my girlfriend had to teach me how to make all the recipes. It was too much for her to do it alone any longer. Now we share all the making and baking. And my parents are laughing as they read this because I'm no chef. But I really like making the cookies and I think I've gotten pretty good at it. 

We don't make enough money to be self sustaining but God is blessing us by growing our little business. And He's done it in really cool and unexpected ways. That is a blog for another day. 

I share all this to share that yesterday my girlfriend and I spent almost six hours in the kitchen. Why? We had a lot of deliveries to make today. 

We spent that entire time making and baking this:
55 big cookies for a restaurant/coffee house/market place. 

150 cookies for a birthday party. 

8 coffee mugs filled with 8 mini cookies for teachers appreciation week that the parents in Anderson's class ordered on behalf of the entire class. 

It was a busy Sunday in our house but we loved every minute. 

Let us know if you want some cookies too :)

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