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Monday, March 17, 2014

1st Day of School and Jet Lag

Gi's been having a hard time getting up since we've been back home.
He's been enjoying his sleep and we've been allowing him to sleep in a bit until he gets his body back in our time zone.

On his first day of school he wanted to dress himself and he did. He topped it off with his awesome hat. He was super excited about going back to school to see his friends.

I decided to take a picture of his first day.
I didn't like that his eyes were closed. So I asked him to let me one more. We then went on an adventure of "one more."

Below are the pics I took in order.

Almost open.
 Still no.
 Better but no.
 Trying real hard.
 Uh no.
 My personal favorite. He's either trying real hard or he's just given up. I have no idea where he was at this point.
We moved spots and this happened. For some reason he was finally able to open both eyes.
I'd like to say he was goofing on me with all the pictures but he literally was trying to leave them open on every picture but just couldn't.

We'll chalk it up to jet lag.


The Little General said...
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Elyssa Smith said...

lol...I can't figure out how to sign in under a different name! Just wanted to say how much we miss that little funny handsome guy! Praying for your transition back to POA!

Elyssa Smith said...

Ok looks like using my real name works...

Adwee said...

hahahahaa im dying. this is too cute!!