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Saturday, March 15, 2014

1st game back

Two weeks before we came home American Airlines changed our flights. My girlfriend actually spent 2+ hours on the phone trying to readjust our schedule after we got an email letting us know they changed everything.

We were originally scheduled to land in Porto Alegre at 8:23 on Wednesday morning. With American's changes we were scheduled to arrive Wednesday night at 9:40. We only had a 12 hour airport stay in São Paulo. Sounds fun right? If you know that airport you know it might be one of the worst in the world to have a long layover.

We talked about trying to get an earlier flight home from São Paulo. Garrett told his friends and they were excited because his team had a game that night and they wanted him to play. An earlier flight would make that happen.

We were able to get an earlier flight thanks to TAM Airlines and we got home at 4:30.

Because of being worn out from the long trip Garrett changed his mind and told us he wasn't going to play in his game.

Around 8:00 that night one of Garrett's best friends, Bruno, came over. We love Bruno. Bruno talked him into going to the game and playing. We took this picture on their way out the door.
Good thing Bruno came over and twisted Garrett's arm. Otherwise Garrett would have missed scoring this awesome goal.

In Brasil jet lag can wait when it comes to soccer.


Sascha Terry said...

Awesome! I love that Garrett is wearing my favorite #25!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Garrett!!

Granddaddy and Granna