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Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Birthday-Part 1

I've been trying to get back to blogging a bit. I admit that I haven't had much motivation to keep it going but I was thinking the other day how our kids, that now live in the United States, like to see pics of little brothers and sisters so I'm going to try to do better for them.

So this post is mainly for B and Stephen (since Ans was here), who had to go back home and missed the day, and also for grandparents who miss out on a whole lot of stuff.

Since Ans is amazing with little kids and she really wanted to be a part of Gi's birthday we decided to move his celebration up about a month, before Ans went back to college, so she could be a part of it and be the kids fun time coordinator. The Aggies were still here and they were a huge blessing, like always, in the way they helped with everything. They took pictures (thanks Tanner), helped set up, helped make the decorations/party gifts, carried stuff and played with the kids. We actually had lots of fun time coordinators. 

Anderson and I weren't able to be there because I was taking care of him while he was on his barf-a-thon tour 2014. He got a bad virus and threw up 24 times in 20 hours. How do I know this? He was counting each time he threw up. Paramedic had to come to our house to give him an IV, sick for 5 days, threw up at least once a day for 4 days and eventually gave it, but much lesser versions, to Giovanni and myself. It was lots of fun. 

If you know Gi then you know he is a superhero FREAK. He loves them. He is a superhero and he even made up his own superhero name when he was about 3. One day a week his school has bring a toy day. He always brings superheros. Always. So we made his party be all about superheros because that's, obviously, what he wanted. The cupcakes, the gifts for the guests, the plates, the cake and even the kids became superheros. It was pretty cool. My girlfriend has an amazing gift of creativity and turning what the kids want for their parties into realities. I love that.

Here are some pics from that day. Enjoy. 
 Even though not all the guests were good guys......
 Gi had an awesome day.

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