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Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Birthday-Part 3

Since we moved to Brasil in 2002 my mom has been pretty amazing at sending us packages on special days like birthdays, Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc. 

She has sent things before that never made it to our house. She usually has to send it 2-3 weeks before the date and we still usually don't receive it until 2 weeks after the date and she keeps blessing us with packages. 

It usually costs her more to mail the package than it does to buy the contents inside and yet she keeps blessing us with something fun to open. 

The latest recipient was Gi. He got a box for his birthday and he was super excited. Lots of good stuff inside like candy and pop tarts and even a Batman shirt. He's a superhero freak. 

Here are some pics of the box opening day and some pop tart eating time. Thanks Grandmommy!!!

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