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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Boy's Got Rhythm

Anderson, our youngest, LOVES to sing,dance and play musical instruments (both imaginary and real). For your viewing pleasure we've included three of his latest concert videos.

This is one taken while Anderson was enjoying the music after Carys's school Olympic Day. It doesn't matter if he's sitting or standing because he's still playing the guitar.

This is a video of Anderson singing one of his favorite songs. It's Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name." How does a 3 year old know the words to a song that's over 20 years old? That's the benefit of having an older brother who had to lip sync a song in his English class last year with his "band" and this was the song chosen. Enjoy the performance and please excuse the quick nose pick during the show.

In this last one he gives a special backyard performance as he shows his ability with our really expensive drum set - a cooler, an upside down trash can, a wooden chair and two wooden spoons.

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Busy Mummy said...

How gorgeous. My three yo is into singing, but at age three she is alreayd making up her own songs! So funny!! :) ♥