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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Selling Homes on Two Continents

My dad has been a real estate agent for over 30 years. My sister has been a real estate agent for about 20. They both started off in different careers but ended up selling real estate. I even sold real estate for a couple of years........let's just say that great experiment went the way of MC Hammer. It was around for a short period of time, wasn't very pretty to look at and then went away quickly.

Anyway, my dad has been the owner and co-owner of different real estate agencies. For a while he was owner of Blume Realty. For a couple years during junior high I wore a windbreaker with "Blume Realty" on the back. Okay I confess I had a little, "my dad owns his own company what does your dad do?" pride coming out when I wore that jacket.

A couple of weeks ago we took my parents to a little place about an hour outside of Porto Alegre. It's the kind of town where you have to know someone or have a specific place you are wanting to go to in that town in order to visit it. It's very small. On our way out of town we came across this sign in front of some land for sale:

That's right. It says "For Sale.......Blume Realty."

Many parts of our state (Rio Grande do Sul) here in Brasil were settled by German immigrants and we've seen lots of Blumen something names here. Blumenau, etc. But we've never seen just the name Blume before we saw this sign. We thought it was pretty cool to find this sign when my parents were here.

So, anyone need some land in southern Brasil?

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hi there, guys!!
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so amazing to get to know all of you!

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