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Friday, January 04, 2008

Carys' Nature Week

This is Carys and this is my blog day. These are some pictures that I (and my dad) took this week at a waterfall place we went to and in our backyard. I'll tell you about each picture.

This one is some butterflies flying above the water.
This is me holding a tadpole.
This is the tadpole that I was holding in my hand..........just joking. Actually this is a frog that we found at the waterfall place.
Did you know we had alligators in Brasil? And the weirdest alligator is on the top.
This is a picture that I took at the waterfall place and it is two dragonflies stuck together.
This is the bug who went onto my mom's shoe and when I saw her, she was shaking like she was doing the cha-cha. We found this bug in our backyard.
This is the same bug.
This is a big moth that we found in our backyard.
And after we took him out of one building he flew into our house and into my mom's office. This is a picture of him on my mom's wall.
We got him out of mom's office and he flew into the rock room and hit the ceiling fan twice and fell to the floor and that is why my dad calls him "knucklehead." This is a picture of him on the ground.
And then he woke up and flew onto the tablecloth.
And then he flew outside and me and Garrett couldn't find him anymore.
This is a mommy dove and a baby dove that were in a tree in our backyard.
This is a picture of a butterfly and a pretty, pretty, pretty flower in the same tree in our backyard.
This a picture of a bee in a pretty flower in our backyard.
My dad is crazy so he just put a picture of a pretty flower.
This is a picture of some wasps making their home. They live in our sacada (balcony).
We have grapes and most of the year when they get greenish the bees come and eat them. And that is why me and Garrett pick them when they are green because you can't wait until they are purple because the bees will come and get them. This is a picture of a bee eating a grape.
This is a picture of my grandfather and he is the weirdest bug I know.

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