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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Missionary Conference-The Lighter Side

On the last post we shared the teachers that came to Brasil to teach the classes at this year's missionary conference. We also wanted to share some of the fun times we had outside of the classroom as well.

This is Nelse. She worked for the hotel and she took care of the smaller children while the teenagers and adults had their classes. She was a blessing to those of us with smaller kids. She speaks Portugues and Spanish which was great because we had some kids whose parents are missionaries in Paraguay so she could easily flip between the two.
Some of Nelse's fun time artwork.
We had time during the week to check out the hotel grounds. These are some logs that they've stacked up and painted with Santa's face.

There is a pond on the hotel grounds and Anderson went one day with his grandad to feed the ducks.

We had time for basketball...........

and of course soccer/futebol.

On our last night together we had a "Mystery Dinner." During our meal we were entertained with a murder mystery. We were all asked to turn our name tags into names that ended with 'Sugarbaker' as we were invited to a dinner hosted by "Big Daddy" Sugarbaker. My wife is a bit of a ham and so when asked to play a part in the play she naturally accepted. She was Bobby Joe Baker. She was Big Daddy's private nurse and let's just say she was deeply involved in gross misconduct during the play. We had a great time and the 10 or so missionaries involved in the play did a great job. It was funny stuff. I may have to post a short video of my nurse/wife's acting in the mystery dinner in the future.

Nurse Benay helping "Big Daddy" after he fell out dead...........or did he really die?
During the meal the play never really stopped as the actors moved around from table to table to drop more clues about who might have killed Big Daddy.
This is an "interpretive dance" done during the play. I love this picture because you can see the Brasilian waiters in the background not really knowing what reaction they should have to what they are seeing.
The best thing about the week was making new friends and, once again, being reminded of how diverse God's family is. We were blessed to be reminded that God's kingdom is moving forward and God has blessed us with so many encouraging brothers and sisters.

It was a good week.

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