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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Benay's Birthday

Friday was Benay's birthday and in keeping with Blume family tradition she picked out everything we did on her special day.

Her day started with a surprise as Ansley, Carys and Bronwyn woke up very early and made a special breakfast for their mom. Part of her special breakfast consisted of heart shaped biscuits as well as a "M" for mom biscuit. She was served on the "You are Special" plate used for birthdays and other special days. It was a good breakfast. Then it was time to give her presents.

She wanted to follow up present time by going to the pool. We had lots of time to relax.....

......and do some wrestling as well.

We then went home, got cleaned up and went back out to go see a movie together. We had to walk down the street to get to our van. Why?

Because they've been ripping up our street for about 6 weeks replacing our sewage lines and they chose Benay's birthday to completely block our driveway.

The day was long and some couldn't make it through the movie.

While others barely made it to the couch before crashing..........yes she really is asleep.

So, Happy Birthday to a very special woman. An incredible wife,my best friend, an amazing mom and beautiful child of God. I don't know how but she seems to get more beautiful with each passing year.

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