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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We're engaged!

Twenty years ago today I asked Benay to marry me. Let's just say we looked a little different as noted by the picture taken just after we got engaged. A favorite phrase of our three year old seems to apply to us in this picture.....we looked a little bit "weird and funny."

Our oldest daughter wanted to know why we got engaged on the 12th instead of Valentine's day. Here's why: It was my senior year in college and I lived in one state and Benay lived in another while working her first post college job. The only time we ever had to see each other was on the weekends (usually on my college campus, the city where she lived or the place in the middle which was where my parents lived). The weekend I asked her to marry her happened to be at my parents' house.....thus the congratulations cake already ready. What would we have done with the cake if she had said no?

Anyway, I had already asked Benay's dad for her hand and he said yes (I'm sure he's still kicking himself on that brain time-out). The ring was bought and it was literally burning a hole in my pocket. We got to my parents' house on Friday the 12th and there was no way that ring would stay hidden until the 14th.

It's been an incredible 20+ years of being with Benay. I am very blessed.

Thank you for saying yes!

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