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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Camping Out

Our family (except Bronwyn who spent a week at the beach with her best friend) went camping last week. We bought a big tent right before we left the states on our last furlough and decided to finally use it last week. Some good friends of ours told us, a couple of years ago, about this place a little more than an hour outside of our city. Since then we've been 5-6 times and each time it gets better. Last week was the first time we've ever spent the night there as well as being the first time ever for our family to camp out.

After and hour and fifteen minutes of work, here's a picture of what the finished product looked like. Not bad for first timers.
We enjoyed God's beauty and His creations.

Some went out and explored nature. While others had a more passive approach and allowed nature to come to them......in the forms of a good book, Twix bars and Diet Coke.

We had lots of fun together as a family and that's what's most important isn't it?

There is something about getting out of the city and being in God's nature that just causes you to sit down, relax and take things a bit slower than the big city pace you're accustomed to.

Okay, so that would be in theory and is not necessarily the rule.

The kids are already asking to go back when Bronwyn gets home from her trip. I think they enjoyed their first camping adventure.

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