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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Marshmallow Walk

Okay, first things first. Who knew, without looking it up, that "marshmallow" is spelled like that? Be honest. I always thought it was "marshmellow" and even fought Benay on the spelling as I began this blog. I had to look it up and she, like 99% of the time, was right. I, however, still don't want to believe it and might continue arguing about it just for the fun of it. Why does it sound like "mellow" when it's spelled "mallow"?

Sorry for the brain diversion. Okay, I'm sure you are wondering what in the world is the "Marshmallow Walk"? Allow me to set it up first.

This is our son the pyro. He LOVES to build fires. When it's time to have a cookout he HAS to help and so it was just natural that on our recent camping trip he spent a good amount of time trying to build a fire. Why the trouble? Well, like I said he LIKES it....ALOT, but he also wanted to build one so that we could have the pleasure of making smores (or as close to smores as we could make with our Brasilian choices of ingredients.......we had to pay $6 for a bag of imported marshmallows). Most of the kids had never had them and didn't know what they were and so Benay was determined to make some. She needed a firestarter and that is where Garrett came to the rescue.
We THINK Anderson liked them.
We KNOW Carys liked them. "Like these are sooooooo good!"
Which brings us to the "marshmallow walk." The next day we used our lunch fire to cook some more marshmallows. The first video shows the kids cooking them. At some point, Ansley's marshmallow fell to the ground. You'll see what happens next with Anderson.

Which brings us to the second video. This is Anderson going to take care of the sticky foot problem on his own, by washing it off in the shower, and he really doesn't appreciate the laughing that is taking place at his expense. Just so you can appreciate it fully, his initial response on this video is, "When I step in marshmallow you don't laugh! You guys are weird!" He then punctuates his anger with his final response of "go away." Things weren't going well on the sticky marshmallow walk up to the bathroom. Anderson had to endure some of his brothers and sisters ignoring him while they continued cooking marshmallows, his dad thinking it was more important to film than to help and his mom laughing throughout most of the long, humiliating walk to cleanliness. Finally, his loving big sister comes to his rescue.

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The Five Luna's said...

That was hilarious!! I also loved Ansely's response that she was worried about everyone eating all of the marshmallow's if she left to go help! Thanks for the laughs, Anderson!