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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

God's Love

Last year Benay and I read an article about L.A. Lakers point guard, Derek Fisher, and a devotional book that he reads every day called, "Every Day for Every Man, 365 Readings for Those Engaged in the Battle."

The battle is the fight men have with Satan and his demons in the area of sexual purity in our lives. I was excited to know that we have a brother in Christ in the NBA who is living his life for Christ and is being an example to a group of men who definitely need to see Jesus. I was also excited to know about this devotional book. Since moving to Brasil, my eyes have been opened like never before to this constant, daily battle that men face here, in the United States ,and around the world for sexual purity. It is a battle in which only God can give the victory I praise God that there is a group of men here who recognize this battle is real (our teammate Sascha led a great men's class on this subject last year) and are beginning to actively engage the enemy on the front line. I am hoping this devo book will come out in Portuguese some day soon.

Benay ordered this book for me, had my name put on it and gave it to me for Christmas. It has been an incredible way for me to get focused each morning as I read it and get ready to fight this battle. A Brasilian brother and I have already spent some time reading and talking about the things in this book together. The devos are short and powerful.

I've been amazed at how good this devo book is. I'm sure I'll share more from time to time but I wanted to share this one from a reading last week. Everything won't apply to everyone, like obviously the women, but the theme is for all of us. The theme is for a hurting world. Please take the time to read each word slowly and let them soak in. Reread if you need to.

Here it is:

"God's love for you is unconditional; it never changes. Before you were formed in the womb, He loved you. He's watched over you lovingly from your earliest days, longing for your heart to call His name.

If you rampaged through pornographic magazines, He still loved you. If you lay in the arms of too many women, He still loved you. He chased you desperately, aching to reach you before it was too late.

His love never waned.

You are the apple of His eye. His love for you has no limits. Your service can't make God love you any more, and your sins can't make Him love you any less."


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the Jewell family said...

Hey, Blumes in Brazil!
I was just catching up on your blog and I must say Matt in an angel costume is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. We plan to move into our new house on Saturday. You may come visit on Sunday or any day thereafter. We have plenty of room.