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Friday, March 28, 2008

House Church Easter Retreat

This is the first year that our house church family has gone on an Easter retreat. We normally have gone on a retreat during Carnaval (Mardi Gras) but this year, if you remember, we felt the Spirit leading us to get more involved in our community during carnaval instead.

So, last weekend we enjoyed spending time together remembering Christ's suffering and the victory he gave us through his resurrection. We had a really good time together.

There were 70 people that were part of the weekend. There were families from 6 different house churches that participated. Around 10 of those that participated were either visitors and/or people who aren't yet Christians. God really blessed our time together.

We enjoyed our times of fellowship together........

.....as well as studying and learning biblical truths together.

We encouraged each other (this is one of my favorite pictures because it is one Christian and two not yet Christian men praying together on our first night).................and of course we had fun (these are the teenage boys allowing Anderson to get in the soccer circle with them).Garrett and one of his best buddies Kjeld (pronounced Kel-jee). On Sunday we praised God together at sunrise. We wanted to worship together around the pool but it was raining so we stuffed almost 70 people in this little gazebo. Everyone enjoyed our time together as we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus.We had a great weekend. I think the highlight is that one young man gave his life to Christ and wants to be baptized in the near future. We will blog about him soon. He is an amazing guy.

Too many good things happened during this retreat. We could never do them justice by trying to write about and show each photo. So, we've made this slide show from photos taken last weekend.

It was a good, but tiring weekend.
P.S. Sam took his first road trip and enjoyed his new surroundings for a couple of days. It was a bit humble for his taste (notice the rocks we found on the road to use for his home) but Carys made it feel as much like home as possible.

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Sascha said...

It was a lot of fun, wasn't it? And such a blessing for the church family too. I really enjoyed your slide show. I think that you should make the next "show de fotos" for a celebration!