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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Michael Jordan Jr. aka Mr. Perfection

Anderson loves sports. What I mean to say is that he LOVES sports!! He is a junkie. Before his last birthday he played soccer every day in our backyard. He loves to go to Garrett and Carys's soccer practices. He plays as often as he can. Since his birthday he has a second sport love. Basketball. One of his presents was a small backboard and rim. He immediately loved it. When we get home from school he hops out of the car and immediately starts shooting. He has watched some YouTube videos with me and Garrett of Michael Jordan. We also have a DVD of Jordan. Every time he sees a basketball game being played he wants to know which one is Michael Jordan. He still struggles with Jordan's retirement and why he doesn't play anymore.

As mentioned in the title, Anderson is a perfectionist with many things. If he doesn't succeed the first time, he can get upset. This is what happened when he first started trying to make a shot with this new basket. The cheap ball that came with it was overinflated as well as warped and so he already started at a disadvantage. I tried to get him to use a different ball that would bounce straight and be easier to shoot and I tried to get him to allow me to take some of the air out of the new ball. He didn't want either option. Here is his reaction after a few frustrating attempts with his new, ginormous, hilarious looking ball:

His perfectionist nature won't allow him to quit before he succeeds and so here he is just a few minutes later making his first shot. You think I'm kidding about the ball? Just watch its goofy bounce:

Which brings us to this week. Anderson has thrown away his lightweight birthday present ball (even after we let a bunch of air out of it to make it bounce better and be easier to shoot) and moved on to my official basketball that I got for my birthday last year. It's too heavy to use for this backboard but it's hard to tell him no. He really thinks he's Michael Jordan and so who am I to tell him not to use a real ball. I think you'll see some improvement:


the Jewell family said...

Jonah and Andy were very impressed by these videos.

Mark&Ali said...

you provide us with laughter every time! can´t wait to have another Blume roaming the planet