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Friday, May 23, 2008

One Sunday After House Church

Benay and I felt Spirit led at the beginning of this year to begin a new outreach towards teenagers. We shared this with Bronwyn and Ansley and they were excited. They began inviting their friends to house church and you know about Giu. Lana is another friend of Bronwyn and Ansley who is now a regular at our house for house church. We love having the kids as part of our house church because they really bring fun energy. Since they've been a part of our worship we now snap to songs we've never snapped to, added words to songs and we laugh a whole lot more. We couldn't ask for a better core group than that of Bronwyn,Ansley,Giu and Lana to show their friends that being a Christian can be really fun.

We normally have lunch in our house after we enjoy our worship time together. After having people in our home from 10:00 to 3-4:00 most Sundays, Benay and I sometimes need some chill time. As you can imagine with 5 kids this is easier said than done but God blessed us with a time like this a couple of weeks ago. Benay and I went upstairs to watch a movie and our kids, along with Giu and Lana, stayed downstairs and goofed around.

When we came down after the movie they were watching a soccer game. We actually didn't know what they had been doing while we watched the movie. We could hear them having fun together but didn't have a clue as to why they were laughing so much.

Today as I began to upload some videos from our camera to the computer I found the following video. It's what they were doing that day. After a few practice runs they ended up with this:


Cam Dunson said...

Ok, so if they start a video podcast I will totally subscribe!

Mark&Ali said...

hahaha! once again!