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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Food Tour-Part 1

We mentioned yesterday about Bronwyn doing some "lasts" before she goes to college as she went to the "last" Inter game, for a while, with Anderson.

A few months ago she told us she wanted to hit a few of her favorite restaurants before she leaves for the states. Places that she will really miss and food she won't get to eat again until December.

The first place we went was a fondue restaurant.

There is a little town about 2 hours outside of our city that has great fondue restaurants.  I can't tell you how many times we've visited this little town. We've spent many nights there as well as taken many day trips.

Last week was a two day holiday for our kids so we decided to spend a night or two in this town. Problem was we waited too long to try to make the reservations and no one had any vacancies.

So it became a day trip. We did some other things that day, that I think my girlfriend is going to share later on her blog, but the main purpose of this trip was fondue.

When my mom was here a couple of months ago we took her up there to eat fondue. My parents have been to this city with us almost every time they've come to Brasil so she was already familiar with fondue.

On our last trip there we found an less expensive, less fancy fondue restaurant just outside the city.  It was a nice alternative to the more expensive places inside the city. Fondue is a fairly expensive meal and so you can imagine what it might cost a family of eight. We enjoy this treat about once every couple of years.

So we were happy to find a place that we could take Bronwyn to that was very good and didn't kill us financially.

We didn't take a picture of the workers there on Bronwyn's visit, but when we took mom we got to know Vitor (the guy holding Giovanni who looks like a little Elvis) and Pedrinho (our waiter who doesn't look happy but is really friendly) and took a picture with them.

Just so you'll know why Bronwyn would want fondue.

It comes in three stages.

First stage:

Baby potatoes and bread that you dip into hot cheese sauce.

Then comes strips of filet, chicken breast and pork that you cook on a heated stone. They also give you about 10-15 different little bowls of things to put on your meat after it's cooked.  Some examples would be caramelized onions, tarter sauce, grape jelly and garlic dip. Things like that may not sound too good to an American, but it's awesome.

After that you then have a big bowl of chocolate brought out with little bowls filled with fruit. You then dip the bananas, strawberries, apples, melons, mangos, grapes, etc. into the chocolate.

This section seems to be the most popular in my family. I was too slow in taking a picture with actual fruit and chocolate. All I could get was the following evidence.

If you follow my girlfriends blog then you know she, Bronwyn and Ansley are were are doing a June challenge where they don't eat sugar.  They, wisely, realized that this challenge should be lifted for our fondue day last week as well as for yesterday.

There are even proper ways to dispose of the leftover chocolate. More on that tomorrow.

Did I mention that everything is all you can eat?

Our friends had to roll us out of their restaurant.

It was, as always, incredible.
So far we are really enjoying Bronwyn's restaurant farewell tour. More later.

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