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Friday, June 18, 2010

Profanities to a six year old Christian.....and Sandra Bullock

Today Benay and I took a short trip to the store.  When we got home Bronwyn told us of the following conversation she had with Anderson.

Anderson: "Would you say the L word is a bad word if you are not a Christian?"
Bronwyn: "What's the L word?"
Anderson: "Love."
Bronwyn: "Oh."
Anderson: "How about patience?  That's a bad word if you're not a Christian."
Bronwyn: "Okay."
Anderson: "And God. God is a super, super bad word if you're not a Christian."

He then got upset about something and said, "Oh my cuss."

Later Bronwyn was letting Anderson help her cook something in the kitchen. I heard the following conversation in the middle of Bronwyn telling Anderson how to help:

Anderson: "Is Sandra Bullock dead?"
Bronwyn: "No."
Anderson: "What about her dad?"
Bronwyn: "I don't know."
Anderson: "What about her mom?"
Bronwyn: "Pay attention Anderson."
Anderson: "What about her brother? What about her sister? What about her cousin?"
Bronwyn: "I have no idea Anderson."

So, in summary:

If you read this blog and aren't a Christian you've now been warned what not to say around our six year old.

Good things for you to know, so watch your mouth.

You have also been informed that Sandra Bullock is not dead.  As far as we know.

We will miss Bronwyn when she goes to college next month because there are days, like today, where she gets the brunt of the Andersonisms.

Trying to take on the Andersonisms by yourself can be a heavy, mind taxing job. It's good to have help.

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