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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Game Day

Our team played their first game in the World Cup yesterday and our city has become a city of green and yellow.

Flags, balloons, ribbons, t-shirts, car flags, etc.  It's very cool.  

This is our third World Cup experience in Brasil and every time gets better than the previous one. We hope to see our team win their sixth World Cup.  

Below are some pictures of our transformed city.

Gas stations are green and yellow. 
As are the inside of restaurants.

Bakeries? Green and yellow.

Even the schools where our kids attend are transformed. The sign says, "World Cup 2010. Brasil, we are cheering for you."

The kids are even allowed to wear Brasil colors on game day instead of the mandatory school uniform.

You see these on lots of street corners. Street vendors selling Brasil flags and shirts.

Even our house was transformed by lots of people wearing green and yellow.

Freitas and Auristela closed their hardware store (very normal thing to do during a Brasil game) and came to our house to watch the game.

Just to give you an idea, we live on a busy street. Not a major street but we have a lot of traffic on our street as it's used to get to the major streets. During the first 3-4 minutes of the game I noticed two cars that went by our house. It's hard not to notice when a vehicle goes by our house because it can be very loud inside. Those two vehicles were a taxi and a work truck. For the next two hours not one car came by. During Brasil games the city literally turns into a ghost town.

During the game, Anderson had a deal with Freitas that he would jump up and down and hug Freitas first before he did it with anyone else after we scored our first goal. They did.
Giovanni and Carys cheered for Brasil. Carys really is excited. She just thought I was taking a picture instead of shooting video. That's why she has the "hurry up dad" expression on her face.

MaurĂ­cio's (next to Giovanni) hair cheered for Brasil. It's painted in Brasil's colors if you can't see it.

Would you believe our cupcakes even cheer for Brasil?
We had a great time together with our friends. The next game is Sunday. We are already planning on  moving the time of house church to the afternoon so we can enjoy a time of fellowship, lunch and the Brasil game with our church family.

By the way, we won. It wasn't our best game but a win is a win.

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Sascha said...

You'd be happy to know that our family would have fit in perfectly! Jennifer and I were sporting our jerseys. I think we can go all the way this time... and in 2014!