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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Food Tour-Part 2

This post is about the second restaurant that we've gone to on Bronwyn's "places I would like to eat before I go to college" tour. Or what is becoming known as "Bronwyn's artery clogging farewell tour 2010."

Not that we are complaining. This was our idea to take Bronwyn to a few places before she goes to college to be able to eat some things she won't be able to get in the states. 

It's artery clogging because Bronwyn's favorite places serve meat.  You see Bronwyn is a big time meat eater. 

This time it's churrasco. Churrasco means bar-b-que. 

For those of you that don't know our state is knows for being meat eaters and expert grillers. Everyone loves churrasco here. 

Anyway, Bronwyn loves churrasco. 

A few years ago a new restaurant opened in our city.  It was a restaurant that served churrasco but made Uruguayan style.  Bronwyn chose this restaurant to visit. We were all happy. 

What are the differences between Brasilian and Uruguayan churrasco's? 

Brasilian churrasco looks like this:

Meat is put on individual swords (espetos) and cooked over an open flame. The only seasoning used is thick rock salt. You put the salt on before, let it cook and then beat the salt off when you take the meat off the grill. It's great. 

It's then served off the sword as small bits are cut off onto your plate. At a real Brasilian churrasco restaurant they just keep coming with the meat until you tell them to stop.

Here is Uruguayan churrasco at the restaurant we go to:

Everything is put on one big grill and cooked over a huge open flame. 

We took Bronwyn a couple of days ago on a day when their steaks are half price. With 8 people in your family you need half-price steak day. 

Here is what it looks like. Unlike Brasilian churrasco this kind is actually brought out on a plate. 

The restaurant was decked out for the World Cup. 

They are cheering for Brasil.....

......and Uruguay. 

Bronwyn had a great time and we are thankful that she is able to visit some of her favorite places before she goes to school next month. 

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